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Steep powder skiing on Cowboy Ridge with Castle Towers Mountain in backgroundSkier in Chisel Couloir on Decker MountainSkier on powder slope with iconic mountain in backgroundSkier dropping into extremely steep couloirDSC00750 [Adjusted in Photoshop]Skier on untouched powder in high alpineSkier on untouched powder slope in high alpineSkier in powder snow at sunsetSki mountaineering in glaciated terrainAthlete - Thierry Keable; Location - Joffre Shoulder; Date - March 2016Hikers in Winter on a Glacier Choosing Between Two RoutesDSC00876 [Adjusted in Photoshop]Jamie Ski Touring Icefall PeakPhotographer - Michael Fox; Athlete - Javier Solsona; Location - Whistler Backcountry; Date - January 2020 (2)Photographer - Michael Fox; Athlete - Jamie Templeton; Location - Blackcomb Backcountry; Date - February 2020