Bring Your Pet on an Outdoor Adventure and Create some Memories

Pets love going outside!  It is impossible not to see the sheer joy on their faces when their owners bring them to a place where they can run wild and free!  Come join me on an adventure with your pet and I'll capture the unbridled joy that your pet experiences!

DSC07561 [Adjusted in Photoshop]DSC07561 [Adjusted in Photoshop]



How Does it Work? 

Contact me and we can discuss what kind of an adventure you and your pet are up for.  I'll be sure to capture your pet enjoying the memorable adventure and I'll also be sure to get some of you and your pet together!  I charge based on my time.


DSC08635 [Adjusted in Photoshop]DSC08635 [Adjusted in Photoshop]

Afterwards, I'll send you a link to a private folder on my website with the images from the day's activity.  You will be able to download any or all of the images in digital form.


What is the Cost?

I charge you based on my time.  My rates are as follows:


  • For 1-3 hours my rate is $100/hr.
  • For a half-day (3-4 hours) my rate is $350.
  • My full day rate (up to eight hours) is $500.
  • For more than eight hours my rate is $600.


These rates also include post-processing of the photos afterwards (exposure adjustment, color correction, etc.)  For that price you will get high-resolution digital copies of all the images that we took that day.


Additionally you may purchase prints of any of the images through my website.


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers:


DSC02357 [Adjusted]DSC02357 [Adjusted]

"Frankie is a really challenging dog to photograph.  She's all black, she moves really fast, and she never sits still!  Michael managed to snap some fantastic pictures of her and we had a wonderful hike!"

- Jeff, Vancouver


DSC06056 [Adjusted in Photoshop]DSC06056 [Adjusted in Photoshop]

"I love the photos that Michael captured of Lokie.  It's very special to have high-quality pics that capture some of my favourite times with him outdoors!"

- Jana, Vancouver

Please contact me to discuss a photo shoot: [email protected]